We can tailor our services to meet your needs. These are a few workshops we provide regularly. Prior to scheduling, we do a discovery call to determine your exact needs.

Option A: Creating Accessible Classrooms

General education teachers deserve adequate training and support in creating inclusive classrooms. Research shows that the best place for a person with disabilities is with others who are NOT paid to be with them; their peers. When students are pulled out into separate spaces for education, they are denied access to their peers. We believe in creating classrooms for the 21st century that include all students. In this training, teachers will learn specific classroom management skills to minimize disruption, increase positive peer affiliation, and scaffold lessons for accessibility.

Option B: Beloved Community: Inclusion as Religious Practice

For some individuals, the only remaining space for them to experience inclusion is in a religious setting: a congregation, synagogue, temple, etc. For these individuals, experiencing exclusion in these settings is extremely harmful. It also means the congregation has fallen short of living into being the Beloved Community. However, not everyone is equipped to welcome and include individuals with disabilities. We offer trainings for church staff, worship leaders, and religious education teachers. In this training we cover real life scenarios drawn from working in congregational settings for 10+ years and teach management skills for when disruption occurs in religious education or worship settings. We also train on safety and how to assess when disruption is harmful or not harmful. Additional services such as an accesssibility audit may be included in this workshop for an additional fee.

Option C: Professional Development & Disability Justice

We offer staff training to educate employees on gender identity, multiculturalism, and disability justice. These can be offered as separate training sessions or occur in a retreat weekend or over the course of multiple days. In these trainings we equip professionals with appropriate language to discuss identities in the workplace, reach clients with maximum professionalism, and promote a workplace of inclusion and equity. Trainings also provide skills for de-escalation, mediation, and policy creation with an eye toward inclusion and justice for employees and clients.

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