cropped-austinhillogojpeg-1-1.jpgWe offer training tailored to the needs of your staff, volunteers, and program.  Our most popular training sessions are listed below.


Professional Development Course

The language, methodology, and lived experiences of those with disabilities are not stagnant but are ever evolving.  In this training, we equip you with knowledge of professional language base, interacting with individuals and families, coming back from mistakes, and keeping our focus on mission and vision while including everyone in our midst.


Teacher Training






We believe in making our material as available as possible while still covering our costs and paying for our time.  Therefore, rather than price each training individually, we offer a stacked pricing continuum.


Base fees for each training are $1500 plus travel costs and lodging expenses. This provides for 4 hours of training with both specialists present and co-facilitating the work.  For each additional hour, we charge $250. This means a weekend event with 12 hours of training for your team will cost $3500 and will include 3-4 training sessions. This includes a 1-hour video consultation so we can get to know the needs, challenges, and strengths of your organization in order to bring out the key points most relevant to your team.