We help teachers create radically inclusive classrooms where every child can learn, grow, and thrive. Each training helps teachers establish classroom routines which integrate every learner, offer adaptive behavior plans, and provide resources for teachers to ensure students of all abilities thrive in the classroom. Research supports our belief that every child’s education is improved when children are educated in a group of peers to support mutual growth and learning.



We offer training and team consultation for religious professionals and lay leaders in creating intersectional places of welcome and inclusion.  We explore inclusion through the lens of differing abilities and invite participants to imagine spaces of religious education and worship which welcome people from various cultures, languages, abilities, and so on.  This intersectional approach to what it means to be a faith where all are welcome and their dignity and worth are readily affirmed challenges our biases and what we think we know and invites us to create truly welcoming and inclusive spaces. We offer training for religious education, worship, and congregational life.


We work with families to provide support through individualized in-home behavior plans, parent education, and advocacy within your child’s school. We work to help families find rhythm and routine that supports connection, positive behavior reinforcement, and community inclusion.  Research indicates that the safest place for vulnerable persons is with adults who are not paid to be with them. It is, for this reason, we are so passionate about helping families find, or create, inclusive communities. When our communities are more integrated, we all benefit.