Founded in 2017, when Starr Austin and Linda Hill realized their skill set complimented and enhanced one another. Our shared passion for disability justice, educational advocacy, and family support birthed into a business model which centers relationship over product and people over profit.

We work with families, schools, churches, and businesses to provide advocacy, coaching, consultation, training, and professional development – all centered around inclusion, positive behavior supports, and universal design.

Whether you need help as a parent, have a child who needs an advocate in their educational setting, want to train your staff on inclusive practices in the field, or aspire to be a school or church where inclusion is a lived value – we’re here to help!

What People Say

These trainings changed the way I teach. I learned to center relationship over curriculum and have been able to reach more students.

Anonymous, New York, NY

Starr guides without being pushy, she teaches communication skills and is supportive and accepting. She has a gift for drawing out from someone what they want to work on to feel more confident, knowledgeable and open, offering what you want to learn and achieve. Starr helps gives a voice to topics that are difficult to talk about and a place to explore them in a loving and accepting environment.

Denise S., Fayetteville, AR

Starr helped me and a partner work through a relationship conflict. She was confident in her ability to sense what needed to be heard, slow us down, and make sure we were hearing each other. She offers both passion and deep presence.

Tony R., Seattle, WA

Let’s build something together.